Welcome to Black Gold Research Facilities !

The Home of the High Speed Downhole Transmission Technologies.
Where 1000 bps is just a beginning.... .

The BGR is the Research and Development company working mainly on designing new and improving existing MWD downhole transmission systems. Our electronics is happy in high temperatures, high pressure and high vibration environments.  

1. We have developed highly efficient, reliable and affordable EM transmission link, the TYPHOON7, to easly fit into existing MWD/LWD/RSS system. The link extends the tools capabilities to ShortHop, Dual Transmission or Stand Alone EM Transmission.  The modules are fully programmable.  
The TYPHOON7 is the result of many years of working on different EM solutions. It is an all-in-one module combining multiple EM transmission methods. 

2. Our high speed downhole wireless ShortHop has the capabilities of transmitting at 3000 bps. 

3. We are also working on a new downhole wireless technology which will be available soon through our Partner. 

The staff at Black Gold Research will work with your company to develop modern navigation and data aquisition tools, to provide the studies on improving your tools performance.