Graph showing the data obtained from Pulsed Neutron tool in the laboratory of National Centre for Nuclear Research

Pulsed Neutron

The Pulsed Neutron Tool detects Carbon/Oxygen ratio, Water Content in oil, provides data to calculate Porosity of the formation. The tool does not use the chemical live source. It uses the neutron generator to provide the energetic particles when needed. This is tne main advantage of this type of a neutron tool. Its safe. 
This is our current project under develoment. 


1. What is the current development stage of this technology and what has been accomplished thus far?
-The Pulsed Neutron Generator (PNG) is already developed and working. 

2. What has been the traditional use for this device before being considered for O&G? Has it been proven? Is it a substitute for traditional PNG? 
-Originally, the tool was developed for the mining industry. Another application considered was detection of dangerous materials. The device was proven to work well in detecting hydrocarbons, oxygen and hydrogen. The device uses technology not previously seen in PNG. 

3. What is the final objective of the measurement?
-The device has 2 detectors for compensation and detection of oxygen and hydrocarbons. The porosity is calculated based on a innovative but confidential technique, which description can not included during preliminary discussions.

4. What is the likely market size of this technology? 
- The East Oil&Gas market is asking more frequently for nuclear tools. The potential use there may be as high as 20% of the drilling market.  The North Americal market is already opening to this advanced technology.