EM Transmission Link 

EM Downhole Link TYPHOON7 consists of a downhole PCB and surface PCB designed to easily fit into the existing MWD system to provide the EM capabilities. The heart of the downhole transmitter is a DSP chip which handles the signal generation and any communication protocol. The signal generated can be made to any shape and form to fit customer’s requirement, although usually it is a sinusoid. The transmission can be an FM, PM, AM, or any combination of these. The receiver/filter/amplifier is a single board, which can be mounted inside existing MWD surface equipment. The receiver provides digitized filtered signal. The two boards are fully programable. 

Transmitter frequency: 1-25 Hz
Transmission Power: 1-50 W, 150W
Power Transfer Efficiency: over 90%
Output Signal Amplitude: 3-10Vrms 
Max Environmental Temperature: 150 DegC standard, 175 DegC extended
Vibration: 15g RMS (15-1000 Hz) 
Shock: 1000g, 1ms, 1/2 Sine 
Practical Data Rate: 1 to 10 bps, up to 40bps (system capability) 
Transmission Modulation: PM, FM, AM (optional) 

Data Rate 
Transmission Protocol 
Current Limit and Power Output 
Data Sequences 

The transmitter can be configured to 2 modes: 
1. Low Power Mode: up to 50W
2. High Power Mode:  150W 

Analog high end programable filters 
Data output in analog or through 12 bit ADC stream 
Programmable communication protocol