Ready to add LWD Propagation Resistivity to your existing Directional / Gamma Services? 

The Paisano Labs PR2 Resistivity tools are designed to work with your existing downhole and surface equipment. We provide everything you need to add: industry-standard LWD Propagation Resistivity Services, downhole tools, integration, training, and support after the sale.

The PR2 provides resistivity measurements when formation evaluation is required in real time. Typically 1-2 resistivity measurements are telemetered to the surface with gamma ray data to provide identification of the subsurface strata. Additional resistivity and gamma ray measurements are stored in tool memory and added to the real-time log after drilling to provide a complete, high-resolution profile of formation properties.


- Formation evaluation while drilling in all well trajectories and drilling mud types 
- Geosteering 
- Invasion profiling / permeability indication 
- Reserve calculations 
- Casing point determination 
- Managed pressure drilling / equivalent circulating density monitoring 
- Shock detection & mitigation

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